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You Think You Can’t Do Yoga Because…

If you’re thinking about adding yoga to your cancer treatment and recovery plans, but there is a little voice in your head of doubt that stops you from taking the first step to get started, I encourage you to read on. You can do it!  Bust the myths and give yourself a gentle push towards wellness through yoga!

Making Meditation Easy When You’re Overwhelmed by Cancer

It sounds simple enough, doesn’t it?  Be still. Breathe. Relax. If it is so inviting to slow down for a few minutes, why is meditating so hard to prioritize and so hard to settle into? If you’re sold on the benefits of meditation (there are many!) and you’re ready to give it a try, consider taking the following steps to set yourself up for success along the way. 

Intuitive & Mindful Eating During Cancer Treatment & Recovery 

When going through cancer treatment, you may want to rely on a food schedule at first. Create meals with foods that are highly nutrient dense and pair them with your taste and texture preferences at that time. When the cravings do come, listen to them. Your body has innate wisdom.  


The Benefits of Yoga During & After Cancer

You’ve been diagnosed with cancer and you’re thinking about including yoga as part of your wellness plan, but you’re not sure if it’s the right thing for you. You may even be wondering if you can do it. Check out our recent blog post to learn about the fantastic benefits of yoga during cancer. It is beneficial to all aspects of your physical, emotional, and metal health. Also, it doesn’t need to be difficult to be beneficial. Even just a few moments a day is helpful! 



The Power of Touch as Part of your Cancer Recovery Plan

Positive, nurturing touch is fundamentally essential in order to thrive. Negative effects of touch depravation continue throughout our lives. As adults, we can experience depression, anxiety disorders, and low self-esteem. Let’s find ways to bring positive touch back into your life. If you find yourself alone and in need after your cancer diagnosis, just follow along with one of my many self-massage videos. You might be surprised to learn that you have the power of touch in your own hands!

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