How we talk to ourselves matters!

But, negative self-talk and worry can be difficult to manage when you’re facing a significant health challenge or are caring for someone who is.

Our FREE printable Empowering Health Affirmation Cards are designed to:

Uplift your spirits.

Help you to remember your power.

Inspire you to cultivate a mindset of wellness.  

There are many ways to use the Empowering Health Affirmation Cards:

  1. Display the messages you like best on your refrigerator, bathroom mirror, or bedside. They also make great bookmarks!
  2. Pick a message and use it as a mantra during your meditation or as your go-to saying when you’re feeling down. 
  3. Make a morning ritual of reading the cards to help you carry positive energy throughout the day.
  4. Use the affirmations as journaling prompts to help you express how you’re feeling and to brainstorm the things you’re working towards.

    Taking care of yourself is your #1 priority right now!