Empowering Health Affirmations to Give You a Boost When You Need It

How we talk to ourselves matters. A LOT.

The words that we hear inside our heads have the power to shape how we perceive our challenges and our overall well-being. 

Positive, supportive, and compassionate self-talk nurtures us, boosts our confidence, and builds our resiliency.   

However, maintaining a consistent dialog of positive self-talk is impossible for everyone! It is even harder if you’re facing significant health challenges and don’t feel well.

  •  Have you ever stopped to notice what thoughts play on repeat in your head?  
  •  What is your go-to statement when you’re feeling defeated, frustrated, or disappointed?

Having an awareness of how you talk to yourself is your first step.

You can then identify the negative statements you’re saying to yourself and shift them to something that is kinder, more supportive, and more compassionate.  

We have compiled a list of Empowering Health Affirmations to help you get started.

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Print them, cut them, and then…

  1. Put them on your refrigerator, bathroom mirror, or bedside. so you have reminders to shift your mindset and to think positively. 
  2. Pick an affirmation you like the most and use it as a mantra during meditation or as your go-to statement when you want to shift how you’re feeling. 
  3. Journal about a few of the affirmations to help you find your strength and reset your mindset. 

Wishing you a calm day of peaceful thoughts.