Beat your fatigue.

Calm your anxiety.

Nourish your body.

Combat your side effects.

Have some fun!

Can You Relate?

You’re emotionally or physically fatigued.

You’re dealing with difficult side effects that you just want to go away!

You know you need to eat but nothing sounds good.

You know yoga would be good for you but you’re not sure how to get started since your diagnosis.

You’re looking for ways to distract yourself during treatments.

You’d like to try meditation but you can’t get your mind to settle.

You’d love a massage but you don’t have the time or the money.

Now Imagine You Have Access to…

An entire library of yoga classes taught by certified Yoga4Cancer teachers.

160+ delicious recipes that were specifically created to support your Bone Health, Gut Health, Immune Function, Nervous System, and Gentle Detoxing.

Supportive guided meditations written just for individuals affected by cancer, so they get to the heart of how you’re feeling and can help you relax.

Massage and Energy Medicine techniques right at your fingertips to help you beat the side effects you’re facing.

Art classes at the click of a button you can do if you need a distraction or just want to have some fun.


…all from the comforts of your own home.

We made this program for YOU!


Yoga isn’t just for everybody. Yoga is for EVERY BODY. Even if you’re in active treatment….Even if you don’t have an ounce of energy right now…Even if you’ve never done yoga before. We’d love to show you how! If you practiced yoga before your diagnosis and already know the basics, we’ve got your covered too!

Functional Movement & Strength Training

Lifting weights may be the last thing on your mind right now. We get it! We designed our functional movement and strength classes to be short, gentle, and 100% doable. Our program is focused on keeping your muscles and bone strong, while helping you to maintain your balance and fight fatigue during cancer.

Guided Meditations

We know there are many amazing meditation apps you can choose from. Our guided meditations are focused on your unique needs and experiences during cancer.


Fueling your body during and after treatment may be one of the most important things you do. But it can be overwhelming, right?! We’ve developed unique recipes with key ingredients to empower your body in five important ways: Optimize Bone Health, Gut Health, and Immune Function, Promote Detoxing and Reduce Anxiety.

Guided Self-Massage

Massage can have a cascade of positive effects in your body that will not only benefit your health but also leaving you feeling great! We know that not everyone has a massage partner so our library includes short but powerful guided self-massage technique to help you work through many different physical and emotional issues you may be experiencing.

Guided Energy Medicine

Our bodies are a latticework of energy systems. When in balance, our health flows naturally. When out of balance, disease can occur. Moving, shifting, and balancing our energy systems is safe, natural, and can have a profound healing effect. Our library includes a series of videos to guide you through techniques to improve physical and emotional issues you may be experiencing.

Art Classes

(for Adults and Children)

Our library art therapy classes and basic drawing classes offers an outlet for both adults and children to explore their feelings, tap into their creativity, and have some fun. No art experience is required, and you probably already have the necessary supplies laying around your house.

What Others are Saying…


“My needs seem to change every day right now and there’s always something in here that I love.”

~Member in Washington

“Everything you could possibly want is here! You just pick it, click it, and you have it!”

~Member in Florida

“There are things here I didn’t know I needed and have never even really considered doing but that have helped me so much.”

~Member in Idaho

Take a Look
Inside the Program

 What’s Included in the Full Program


Access to 25+ yoga-sensitive classes taught by Certified Yoga4Cancer instructors.

  • Chair Yoga
  • Ultra Gentle Bed-to-Rise Series
  • Gentle Classes
  • Medium Strength and Vigorous Vinyasa
  • Caregiver Series

Functional movement/Strength training

Five classes to gently build balance and strength after surgery and treatment.


  • 160+ recipes that were created to be gluten-free or are naturally gluten-free with ingredients for Bone Health, Gut Health, Gentle Detox, Immune Function, and Nervous System Support.
  • Informational Booklet, “Optimizing your Nutrition During Cancer Treatment, Recovery, and Survivorship.” 

Guided Meditation

  • Eight guided meditations, including Self Love & Renewal, Releasing Anxiety, Your Safe Place, Releasing Physical Pain, Bedtime Meditation, Expanding Gratitude/Peace/Love, Practice Being Calm, and Emotional Cleanse.

Guided Self-massage

  • 10+ guided self-massages to help ease your physical and emotional tension.

Guided Energy Medicine

  • 20+ lessons to address your side effects and help you balance your energy.

Art & Creativity

  • 10+ art classes to spark joy and have some fun!

$149 for the 12-month program

If this feels like more than you want right now…

Option #1

The Nutrition Only Program

Get access to all 160+ recipes and the booklet, “Optimizing Your Nutrition During Cancer Treatment, Recovery, and Survivorship.” One new seasonal recipe will be provided each month during the 12-month program.

$49 USD 

Option #2

The Meditation Only Program

Get access to eight cancer-sensitive meditations when you join, including Self Love & Renewal, Releasing Anxiety, Your Safe Place, Releasing Physical Pain, Bedtime Meditation, Expanding Gratitude/Peace/Love, Practice Being Calm, and Emotional Cleanse.

$25 USD 

Join Empowered 

We made this program for YOU!

  • Yoga
  • Strength Training
  • Nutrition
  • Guided Meditation
  • Guided Self-Massage
  • Guided Energy Medicine
  • Art & Creativity