The Five Benefits of Meditation That Will Motivate You to Stick With It

Over two billion people. Two billion.

That is the number of people the American Cancer Society is predicting will be diagnosed with cancer in the United States in 2024. It’s a sobering number that takes my breath away. 

Studies show that more than half of the people who are living with cancer experience moderate to severe anxiety about their diagnosis or their treatment plan.

These same studies also show that meditation is a powerful tool to help patients feel calmer and more in control. But, even with the best intentions, it can be easy to put this valuable wellness tool on the back burner. 

If you are living with the challenges of cancer, or you are caring for someone who is, knowing the benefits of meditation may motivate you to start a regular meditation practice and to stick with it…even on the most difficult days.

I share the list below with the hope that it will help you prioritize a little bit of meditation every day.  

#1 – Reduces Anxiety and Stress 

This is probably the most commonly known benefit of meditation. Since meditation activates our parasympathetic nervous system – which is responsible for our “rest and digest” state of being – it’s no surprise that reduced stress and anxiety make it to the top of the list.

#2 – Improves Sleep 

If disrupted sleep has been a challenge for you, this may be the most important benefit of meditation. Slowing down your mind and body during meditation invites better naps and nighttime sleep because of how relaxed it can make you feel.

# 3 – Helps with Brain Fog

Meditation is rest for your brain. Just as our bodies feel better after we’ve rested, so does our mind. Regular meditation can improve concentration, memory, and your attention span.

# 4 – Promotes Overall Health 

The research consistently shows that regular meditation has several different health benefits, including reduced inflammation, reduced blood pressure, and improved immune function. Some studies even show that meditation can help with pain management.

# 5 – Invites a Lighter Mood 

It is very common for people who are living with cancer to experience anxiety and depression. Regular meditation is a helpful tool to help manage difficult emotions and to help build emotional resilience. I believe this is because meditation will give you a sense of control, which always feels reassuring during challenging times.

The good news about meditation is that a little bit goes a very long way. 

  • Set the timer on your phone for one minute.
  • Close your eyes.
  • Focus on slowing your breath down. 

That’s all it takes to meditate! Whether you’re a seasoned meditator or just starting out, it is important to feel good about the small wins.

You deserve to feel calm.